Studio Clean Up

My studio has been a mess since I finished pattern testing my Treasured Adventures book, because I had too many projects on the go! And since I'm recovering from mono/glandular fever I haven't had energy to fix the problem.

But today hubby got back from Peru and due to a couple of back to back trips he was exhausted enough to need an afternoon nap, so of course I napped too! When we woke up i had the energy to tackle the mess so he sat on the rocking chair in my studio and kept me company whilst I tidied up! 💖👌

I cleared the top of my cutting table except a few priority finishes to clear the clutter that I left there to work on.

I reorganized my fabric stash on the library cart to make more space for solids! My solids stash has exploded lately because I use them a lot so I always buy some when I'm at Wooden Spools my LQS and I get the solid of the month bundle from the Fat Quarter Shop.

So this space feels pretty organized and I feel like I will enjoy being in there so much more this week!