Build, remake, review.

I've tweaked and perfected the shadows on my Alphabet Adventures quilt pattern for weeks, now that I'm happy with them I've decided to remake my Be Kind quilt. Today I made two of the six letters.

And on the weekend I ordered a new desk chair for my office, a task long overdue, my hips and lower back will appreciate it on those long days I sit at that desk designing and drafting quilt books! The chair arrived today and I managed to put it together all by myself!

It's so comfortable!!!!!

So pleased I finally did this! I've drafted 12 quilt books this year so I think I deserve a new author chair 🤔😜

And two new book proofs arrived, one was my More Alphabet Adventures the simplified, shadowless version of my Alphabet Adventures book. 

The other book is a secret ATM until I've pattern tested and released some other books. 

Here's a video sneek peek at More Alphabet Adventures which is a black and white book that'll retail for about $12.50 on Amazon and I'm hoping for a late November release date.