Zoe is Snuggly Warm 👌

Zoe our Dorkie is perpetually cold. She sits on heat vents a lot and snuggles under quilts.

I finished her first knitted dog jacket last night after unknitting the original version from a couple of days ago and restarting.

This one is much better, it fits okay and she will be warm in it because it is very densely knitted.

I've had the awesome red yarn since we lived in Australia 6+yrs ago!! It's a delightful Seam Sheep yarn.

Now I can focus on finishing this scarf I'm working on! I'm loving the pattern I have created which is quite simple:

Cast on 22 stitches
K2 P1 on every row

The 22 not being divisible by 3 off sets the pattern perfectly and both sides are the same so it's great for a scarf. I'm very interested in the mathematics of knitting 😂🤣 crazy but fun 👌💖