Daily Task

 Today's quilty task on my must do list was to prepare the PDF pattern file for Friday's March BOM block pattern release. Part of that process was to recheck my quilty math (the old school way) for this custom layout design.

Each day I try to have only one sewing task on my must do list so that I can spend plenty of time resting. 

Tomorrow I will pattern test the PDF file before Friday's release.

Usually I can't wait to get to the computer or the sewing room. But for several weeks I've been suffering from a reactivation of the previously latent EB virus. This is my second flare up in 7 months 😪

This terrific graphic by Dr Becky Campbell shows best what I'm dealing with. Mostly it's overwhelming fatigue.

I suffered through it for a couple of weeks before I finally went to the Dr to get my EBV antibody blood test done again. It confirmed an EBV flare.