Skill Building 6+ years of Improv Piecing

My obsession with using improv piecing techniques to demolish my scrap hoard started in 2013 with this quilt! That's the quilt back entirely pieced from 12" improv scrappy squares!!!!

Later I started diffusing all that busy scrappiness with carefully chosen background fabrics:

I made some ugly quilts along the way:

But I learned a lot about improv and my desired effect.

I played with different layouts and colors:

And finally after 6 years I'm loving the journey of discovery that I've been on! I love the evolution of my Mod Scrap making skills!

Some of us love to be taught skills, others like me love to explore and find our own way. This has been my way of meandering from simple scrap quilter to artistic scrap quilter. And I wouldn't trade this slow transformation for anything!