Organizational Day

 My cutting table is organized!

This morning it looked like this:

And when I say this morning I pretty much mean for the last two months actually 🤣😜

So I spent several hours cutting the big pile of scraps and fabric leftovers into useful sizes:

  1. Tumblers  using a 5" template
  2. 10" & 9" squares to back QAYG string blocks
  3. Binding strips 2.25" wide
  4. Scrappy strips narrower than 2.25" wide
  5. Squares in multiple sizes; 3", 2.5" and 2" 
It feels great to have that done!

I also rearranged to find places to store some fabrics and things that were sitting on the floor in my studio.

It is such a cleansing feeling to stop avoiding the mess and start tackling it 👌💗