Old habits... A new skirt

 I began my creative life sewing clothes in high school textiles and designs classes.

I made myself and my children a lot of clothes when I was younger and they were growing up, but since 2012 I've been focused on quilt making. Until today...

This morning I made a black skirt using Harmony Art Organic Designs Sateen in "Moonless Night"

This fabric feels divine!

It's a simple elastic waisted skirt:

Because the fabric was 108" wide there is only one seam! At the back of the skirt and I wanted a split so even that was only a 3/4 length seam!

  1. One seam
  2. One hem
  3. One elastic waistband
It's really that simple but so comfortable and flattering!

And here's a quick video I did for my YouTube channel that shows how to get your simple elastic waistband looking professional:

This skirt really is so comfortable that after I finished taking photos I sat down in it by the creek to enjoy the day!

You can buy Harmony Art fabrics here: