I'm a hoarder... But I'm trying to get organized.

Whilst organizing my studio lately I've come across 5 or 6 year old tumblers and nine patches! 
So I decided to make some quick giving quilts to use them up. The tumbler is nearly twin because I just wanted all my beige and brown scraps gone!
 The nine patches I made into baby quilts.
 None of them were fabulous fabrics or blocks and they were made when my 1/4 seam was a bit inconsistent 😂🤣 and I'm sure most quilters would take them to Goodwill or throw them in the trash, but I like to "make something from nothing" and give them to underprivileged people. I even joined batting scraps for these quilts to use up all those odds and ends. The backing fabrics I pulled from my de-stash fabric pile that I'm eager to use up fast!

I also have some of the uglier nine patches set aside to make dog beds out of. I just can't bear to throw things away. And hate to donate something unless I make it into something useful.