Halloween Design Fun

I'm in a bit of a funk emotionally after returning home from a recent trip to Australia. Being an expat is really hard,  especially just after a fabulous holiday back 'home'. And the very same day we got back our 9yr old Maltipoo tripped on the back steps and tore her ACL & dislocated her patella so she needed an urgent knee reconstruction. So I've been cooped up nursing for her (she's worth it, such a stoic little trooper, especially considering it's her second knee reconstruction this year)
 So what my mind really needed was some fresh air, fun and design! So I started designing a Halloween sampler quilt, just for fun!
 I pulled out my bike pumped up the tires and went cycling in perfect Fall weather yesterday!
And today Ebony had her sutures removed so we celebrated with an afternoon stroll around the neighborhood.