Fun Friday

Some days I really don't feel like working on major WIPs. Yesterday was one of those days! So I decided to play with multiple projects and clear clutter.
First I used this old Crazy Pinwheel block to make a cushion cover. The block is about 5 years old, I made it when I first designed that block! The block pattern is available in my Adventurously Epic Sampler Quilt book.
 Then I made a wheat hot pack for my son in-law who suffers from bad lower back pain.
I also made some more progress on this neck warmer I'm knitting.
And I started and made significant progress on a quick HST quilt top using only solid fabrics, to use up some of my leftover solids that I had less than half a yard of (to clear clutter). It should be great 👌💗 I'll show y'all that another day - stay tuned 😁