2019 Day 340

Introspective Reflection

Day 340 Did I make time for me?

I would say I did make some time for me, but not enough!

  • I spent hundreds of hours on my studio reorganization during this year and that was just for me! It makes me LOVE my space even more.
  • I spent many hours reducing my clothing hoard and reorganizing my closet to only keep clothes I LOVE or that fit me! It is great and an ongoing project.
  • I made time to exercise for health in Spring/Summer but I let it slide in Fall and am just beginning to refocus on that - I have gained lbs as a result :(
  • I socialized less, but that is okay since I am an introvert in many ways - I like to be alone. I will ensure I try to balance this better in 2020 though
  • I would like to be calm and meditative more, I am go, go, go all the time! We'll call this a work in progress!
  • I 'work' on my quilty business/hobby about 40+hrs per week most weeks, I would like to reduce that to 20 - 25hrs in 2020 to allow time for health and fitness goals.
  • I did quit my 'day job' in education and finished work in May, that was a great decision that I have not regretted at all!