2019 Reflection

Introspective Reflection is what the final chapter of my A Year of Quilty Adventures book is all about! So if the lead up to the holiday season makes you struggle with blog content, consider these daily writing reflection prompts! Today is day 339 of the year.
Commitments that required a big chunk of time:

  • brand ambassadorships x 2
  • Green Bag Lady Parker Chapter co-ordinator (100+ bags for donation was target)
  • Castle Rock Quilt Club Secretary (since August only)
  • Hosting 2 BOM QALs
  • Sewing studio organizational revamp (spent most of this year on this task)
  • Travel (Australia in September for 3 weeks)
  • Book drafting - so many in progress it is not funny!
  • Unavoidable - dog had 2 knee reconstructions which each required a 16 week recovery time that included lots of my time to aid her recovery
  • Attend Wool Applique group monthly and host Mini Challenge monthly
  • Attend 3 quilt guilds/clubs
  • Worked 4 days a week in my 'day job' until May

Soooo YES I probably did take on too much in 2019!

How am I addressing that issue?
  • I resigned from 1 of my brand ambassadorships
  • I will not set a number of bags target for GBL Parker in 2020
  • I decided one of the BOMs I host in 2020 will be a wall quilt size and only 8 blocks, so it will only run until August.
  • I hope to only travel for brief few day trips.
  • I am being more methodical about book drafting and rethinking some book ideas to combine ideas in different ways
  • Will not attend Wool Applique group in 2020 and Mini Challenge will be quarterly
  • I will attend 2 quilt guild/clubs in 2020
  • 3 guild presentations (Castle Rock, Parker, ACQ)
  • Drafted product catalogue
Things I am pleased I did with my time in 2019
  • I am so pleased I invested a LOT of time in sewing studio reorganization this year! I can feel the difference in my space and my eldest son who is visiting even commented that the space looked more organized this year when he arrived at Thanksgiving!
  • Reorganizing and refocusing my book drafting has been an excellent time investment, I feel like I can move forward without the feeling I am drowning in to-dos.
  • I loved my trip to Australia to visit family (but hope to do it only every second year)
  • Drafting my product catalogue, it is a really helpful document that summarizes my body of work.
  • Hosting 2 BOMs I love the quilts I have made along the way (still two versions of my Barn quilt are UFOs LOL)
  • Publishing Elaborate Adventures and Mod Scrap Adventures (I LOVE BOTH)
  • Quitting my day job!
These were my goals at the beginning of 2019:

They were great ones! I reminded myself many times that progress, no matter how small was a goal! I made more projects I LOVE this year! I still need to refine my commitments some more. I struggled to find joy daily and be calm and meditative! And I failed at finding balance! There's still time in this lifetime though!
I am keeping this goal list for 2020, they are great goals!

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