2020 Goals

After spending most of December doing daily reflections to determine my goals for 2020... I've decided I did okay in 2019! I adhered to most of my plan! So I made slight changes to my soul enriching goal list, but fundamentally it stayed the same:
Those are the goals that affected my quilty  life the most and must have really resonated with me because they helped keep me focused!
But I tend to compartmentalize everything, so I don't just have one set of goals!
I'm a bit of a hoarder, I spent the latter half of 2018 and all of 2019 organizing and ridding myself and my life of extra clutter, which feels fabulous! So in 2020 I'm keeping my acquisitional goal list the same.
My specific creative project goals for 2020:
Then inspired by Val from Val's Creative Life http://myplvl.blogspot.com I created a 20 in 2020 list of life goals that will help 2020 be my best year yet! 

So I have another big year ahead of me but I know I'll enjoy the challenges I have set for myself!

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