Day 354 of 2019
Today's challenge: reflect on, Did I manage my time well this year?

What did I achieve, is a question that helped me assess this.

  • Sent out 4 issues of my QQA ezine.
  • Published; Daybreak at the Barn, Vintage Kitchenalia Adventures, Mod Scrap Adventures, Halloween Adventures PDF pattern.
  • Drafted Winter Picnic Adventures book
  • Partially drafted; Animal Adventures, Mystical Adventures, Quilt Border Adventures
  • Hosted Advent Scrap Along 2019
  • Created my product catalogue to clarify my range of available products
  • Delivered 3 guild presentations and booked 2 for 2020
  • Collaborated with Quilters Denver bee to design the Arapahoe County Quilters 2020 raffle quilt for them
  • Reorganized my studio and fabric stash (I cleared some clutter! Yahoo!)

There is always room for improvement but I am fairly happy with my time management in 2019!

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