Day 359 of 2019
Daily AYQA challenge: reflect on - Did I have achievable goals in mind this year?
I created two graphics late last year to summarize my life goals, I loved them so much that I only did minor wording edits and am using the same goals in 2020!
Soul enriching goals:
 Acquisition goals:

  • planned to draft and publish Vintage Kitchenalia Adventures and Daybreak at the Barn - I achieved both those ✔️!
  • planned to publish Elaborate Adventures and achieved that goal ✔️!
  • planned to design Scientific Adventures and achieved ✔️!
  • planned to publish 4 QQA ezines- achieved as well ✔️!
  • Monthly brand ambassadorship projects - sometimes a struggle, so I resigned from one in late 2019
So I think my main goals were fairly achievable!

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