Day 341 - Introspective Reflection

Day 341 - Did I make time for family?
This is my family:
4 fabulous young men and hubby!
Parents/siblings in Australia
My 3 dogs

  • I went to Australia for 3 weeks in September to visit 2 adult sons (the other two live in Denver so we see them often) and I visited my parents and one sibling, hubby's parents and his twin sister too. So that part of the family is a yes! 
  • Our eldest dog Ebony had 2 knee reconstructions and lots of physio to recover so yes she got lots of 1:1 time. But I only walked the dogs about 50% of the time, part of the reason is because Ebony couldn't walk but we do have a dog pram! So in 2020 I pledge to make more time for my dogs!  But I did make them a quilt this year at least... Really it's a quilt for me about them I suppose LOL