Introspective Reflection Day 342

It's Day 342 of the year! So it is time to reflect on whether I made time for friends this year?
Did I make time for friends?
That is a big fat NO!

  • I am terrible at this! I like to be alone and i am a bit of an introvert in some ways. I really need to try to catch up with at least my good quilty friends monthly or at least quarterly!I am just one of those people that imposes deadlines on myself and always feels busy! When in reality most things can wait! It doesn't take long to have a cuppa at Starbucks!
  • However I did host almost monthly Mini Challenge gatherings so my quilty friends are always invited and welcome for that, so at least the opportunity was there.
  • I did take on the Secretary role at Castle Rock Quilt Club which at least means I have to attend to take minutes LOL
I will try to do better in 2020! But how?
  • Schedule lunch or a cuppa with at least one  friend monthly 
  • Perhaps suggest a pre quilt club quick dinner at Panera or somewhere with quilty friends
  • Be more organized for Mini Challenge gatherings so ppl know time, topic, address etc
Mini challenge ideas 2020 -
  1. Winter - Shop hop North Denver 
  2. Late Spring - Linky Party; every participant brings one fun quilty useful weblink and the group will share and discuss like a book club
  3. Summer - Picnic/hike bring a quilt to picnic on, have a social picnic go for a walk together
  4. Fall - Colo Springs shop hop