During December I'm reflecting on my year daily and addressing a daily question from my A Year of Quilty Adventures book.
Today is day 344!
How many giving projects did I make?
106 novelty print reusable book bags for children in the daycare center at a high school for teen families in Denver.
About 8 scrap filled floor cushions were donated to preschool classrooms. And many others were made ready for stuffing when I have enough scraps. They are a great way to share the "Reduce, Reuse Recycle" message with children.
60 white reusable bags for preschool children to decorate with crayons during my Green Bag Lady "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle" classroom visits:
And I donated 3 garbage bags of quilts to a worthy charity! I didn't count how many but probably 20+ a few were older quilts of mine I no longer need or have space to keep and others were made especially for donating.
I also made several I haven't donated yet because they aren't quite ready:
This one and another I haven't photographed just need bindings!
And two of these Scrappy 36 patches need to be quilted and bound:
So I spent a significant amount of time this year on charity 'giving projects' and I even made some of my family's Christmas gifts this year too which I don't usually do!