The Christmas season has passed!
So what now?
I'm looking towards 2020 with hopeful, confident, excitement!
I already have several sets of goals for different aspects of my life stop back on December 31st to see them all revealed in one post!
But I am planning to join my best blogging buddy Val in her

20 in 2020 linky!

For her intro post click here:

So I plan to set 20 goals for 2020 that are a much broader mandate that'll help me focus my life and find balance! I don't know what that list will look like yet but I'm starting to mull the important things. I've spent most of 2019 refining my life to make it better suit my needs and 2020 will see me further that growth!

Val's blog has been my favorite in blogland for many years, we started blogging at about the same time and even met when hubby and I passed through Oregon on a road trip in 2014!
So I challenge you to join Val's 20 in 2020 linky, I'll post more details here when they are available soon but start thinking about your 20!