Worthy Wednesday

I am an obsessive personality who tends to focus too much on the NOW! As this year progresses I am intending to improve my daily life through reflective thinking and positive actions! I intend to find balance in my life! So each Wednesday I will write a blog post titled Worthy Wednesday because I AM WORTH THE EFFORT to improve my life! Don't get me wrong I have a great life! But I can improve my time management, outlook, health & wellness and mood!
So 2020 sees me AIMING FOR ADVENTURE because I want to improve my fitness and health so I can further indulge my adventurous tendency.
I have lots of goals for this year! 
Some are just for fun, some are 'work' goals, some are wellness goals! Each week I will review one of my goals and WHY it made the list! This week I'm putting goals 1 & 2 together because they relate to the same ideal. 

Goal ONE
Lose Weight

Goal TWO
Gain Strength and Fitness
I know it is a bit cliche in January! 
But in all seriousness I am obese! I am 50 lbs heavier than I would like to be! My plan is to:
  • Walk more in 2020; 3 hilly miles several times a week is the goal as well as several shorter dog walks on the days in between.
  • Basic, quick daily strength training - even if I only have time for one move some days like squats!
  • I usually cycle lots in Spring, Summer & Fall and this year I will try to be more consistent with my training days
  • Keep it simple! Complex workout routines are a chore, I am sticking to basics, I will share more about this as the year progresses.
  • Eat more vegetables and less carb loaded food like bread. I am loving buddha bowls for dinner lately and will share some details about that in the coming weeks too
  • Consume less alcohol! There are a lot of carbs and calories in alcohol.
It is Wednesday so this is my 5 move workout planning sheet! Simple but effective beginners strength training!

Want to give it a go?

Here are some links to show you proper form for each move:
Side Lunges: https://youtu.be/rvqLVxYqEvo
Flutter Kicks: https://youtu.be/eEG9uXjx4vQ
Cross Body Curl: https://youtu.be/padluOJbyoQ
Fast Punch: https://youtu.be/Q7pbODLF5Ys
Heel/Toe Raises: https://youtu.be/pO3wDu6U6AE
(I do both legs at once because my balance is terrible so I prefer two feet on the ground! LOL)
So that is it, you've learned 5 of the 22 exercises I am planning to do weekly in 2020! This is my Wednesday workout graphic!
I've added a page to this blog with all the daily workout info, graphics and YouTube tutorials that can help you achieve proper form.