Worthy Wednesday

Oh gosh we are two plus weeks into the new year! We all know goals don't achieve themselves, we need to work towards them! That's the difference between a dream and a goal in my opinion! Goals require you to actually do something to work towards your dreams.
Every week I'm sharing about one of the many 2020 goals that I have set! This week I'm focusing on goal 5 from my 20 in 2020 list!
Goal 5
Closet Clean-out
After spending all of 2019 decluttering my sewing studio, late in the year I also began decluttering other areas of our house. A big focus has been my closet. I had lots of clothes I didn't wear because they didn't fit or I didn't like them anymore. 
I'm eager to finish the job and have a closet full of clothes I love to wear! 
  1. So I've analysed the actual closet shelving drawers etc and decided to reorganize the layout. 
  2. Decided to begin to collate 4 seasonal capsule wardrobes!
  3. I'll donate most of the clothes I no longer want 
  4. Some clothes I'll set aside to cut up for the fabric
  5. I'll use my extensive collection of scarves to dress up basic capsule wardrobe pieces but need to have a proper space to hang them! 
To begin the year I had 3 piles of clothes like this one just sitting around my bedroom because they didn't fit in the closet/drawers! I'm slowly making space for it all by culling the quantity of clothes I own! 
 And inside my closet was packed to the gills! No space and not user friendly!
I've reduced the number of blouses hanging in there by about half! Which made space to hang my scarves neatly on their own hangers! Which means I can find the ones I want!
Half as many blouses still leaves me lots of variety:
 And it made space for my scarves and vests to be properly hung:
My shoes are mostly in their hangers:
 I culled my coats and dresses by about half, so they hang loosely instead of being jammed in!
 My hoodies and sweatshirts have a full shelf:
 And my hiking clothes even got a spot on the top shelf:
So I have completed the walk in closet!
I still have a dresser and a few other shelves in the main part of our bedroom that are partially decluttered but need more work.
Stay tuned to see this project progresses in 2020!