Worthy Wednesday

It's time to think about whether or not I prioritized myself and my goals in a positive way this week!
This week's topic: Balance and Bravery
7 days is actually a long time and a short time all at once!
I did achieve progress on a several of the things on my creative career to-do list this past week!
 Then I had a mid week allergic medical issue that wore me out!
 But I stuck to my healthy eating goals (mostly)!
 And I used my recovery time to further my creative goals and make progress in a more sedentary manner by hand stitching!
 My to-do list is shrinking! Which is a relief.
But the brave part of me will say the winter weather the last few days has seen me fall back into old habits! Too much time 'working' and not enough time being active! I have managed to keep up with or catch up on all my daily quick workouts though! Some days I do two of the workouts to make up for a missed day the day before! But that's okay for now! It's all a matter of changing my behaviors one step at a time to help find balance in my overall routine.
However I can do better, I still have a ways to go with the restructuring of my life but I will succeed!