OMG Scrap Demolishing Epiphany

Yesterday whilst making fabric face masks for donation, I realized that instead of cutting fabric for straps I should be using the fabric strips I already have precut in my scrappy bindings drawer!!!!
This drawer has been overflowing for ages and no matter how many scrap quilts I make I don't seem to make much of a dent in this hoard!
I already had my scrappy binding pieces sewn together end to end, folded in half, pressed and rolled.
So I just have to tuck in the raw edges as I sew along the entire length of the roll, it's actually pretty quick!
Then I cut it into 18" lengths and each one gets hemmed on one end (the other end will be sewn into the mask)
I got about 7 or 8 masks worth from each roll. Because each mask uses 4 straps (4 x 18" = 2 yards) so it's quickly demolishing that pesky hoarded scrap binding! And making the task of mask construction faster!