Worthy Wednesday

Topic:. Effervescence and Energy
For me effervescence and energy come with sunshine and inspiration!
Life lately is just a matter of finding a balance between the two awesome states of being!
Sleeping in daily due to our social distancing is helping me get over a virus and fever I had on Saturday night. Lazing about in bed is a great way to start the day!
Warm sunshiny days inspire me to exercise and be energetic.
But those have been few and far between, I have gone shopping weekly though and even scored some toilet paper after lining up at Walmart Saturday morning!
Creative inspiration ensures I'm constantly creating something new. This week I focused on creating a FREE PDF face mask tutorial (click on the link at the top of my left sidebar)

And I am baking a little more than usual with all this time at home:
This is Australian cheese and spinach damper, which is a little like American 'biscuits'. Basically it is a yeast free bread that I can easily make to accompany soups and stews. I have been making this recipe since I learned to cook as a teenager! Here is my recipe:
So I am not feeling the effervescence and energy that usually accompanies Spring but I am keeping busy constantly and am thankful to have indoor hobbies during this pandemic crisis!