It's that time of the month! As we Aussies say. Grab a cuppa! Let's discuss womanhood and competitive, bitchiness.
Woman have a tendency generally to be a bit passive aggressive with their competitiveness. I know not all women do! But generally speaking it can be a problem with our relationships with other women.
It's not however a mandatory trait to be considered a woman!
Boss women are becoming more prevalent in society and most women have a side hustle going on these days. But women also tend to judge each other quite harshly with respect to strength, selfishness, body image etc. As quilters we are in an industry dominated by women. Yes there are male quilters but they are certainly not the majority. A lot of boss women are suddenly taking on more than they can handle in the Covid 19 new reality.
So let's all try to realize our tendencies to judge and overcome them in the days and weeks ahead! We need to stand together through social media, blogging, etc. to offer strength to one another through this difficult time.
My way of coping with isolation is to make 50 masks a day for health care workers. It's an 8hr a day job. I'm exhausted but I can't stop, it's my way of coping. Other women have alternate ways of coping, they may SEEM selfish, thoughtless, weird or crazy but we are all trying to survive our new reality. Extend grace to those around you today and in the coming weeks.