20 in 2020 mid year review!

Oh gosh we are almost halfway through 2020! Despite having many curveballs thrown my way this year I'm feeling fabulous and focused lately!
So I thought I should review my 20 life goals for 2020!

It was always a mix of lofty goals and relatively easily achieved goals but it's time to assess each one:

1. Lose weight
This one is almost laughable, I did lose the weight I gained over Christmas but no extra weight.

2. Gain strength and fitness
I did for a while then mum died, a pandemic struck and then Dad died.

3. Cycle Colorado National Monument
Deferred this one until 2021 as we do not wish to travel during COVID19

4. Weekend in Cambria
We've booked this for October ✔️

5. Closet cleanout
This transformation is complete ✔️

6. Declutter every room
Completed ✔️

7. Make a pretty dress for me
Not yet, but I have made 5 blouses and a pair of shorts.

8. Have an adventure daily
This one I achieve most days even if it's a small one ✔️

9. Reflect on positives daily
Nearly every day this year ✔️

10. Spend 1 day a week out of the house. Deferred this goal until 2021 due to COVID19

11. Eat more vegetables
Yes achieving that one ✔️

12. Spend $$ mindfully
I have bought less fabric, barely thrifted,
bought almost no clothes, so definitely improved ✔️

13. Catch up with a true friend monthly
Deferred to 2021 due to COVID

14. Work less hours
Most weeks I achieve this one, but at the moment I'm working on a complex book draft, so I'm focused on that ✔️

15. Hike in the mountains 6+times
Once so far due to COVID19

16. Cycle to the dog park 3+ times
None yet due to COVID 19

17. Bake more
I bake weekly which has been fabulous ✔️
This week I made chocolate slice:
18. Review creative goals list monthly
Yes! I've been doing this ✔️ Perhaps next WW I'll share them again and review.

19.Exercise daily even if it's just one move.
LOL I was so good until mum died! I do walk the dogs daily though and cycle or golf once a week.

20. Drink less alcohol
LOL no exactly achieving this one 🤣🥂😂