Digital Design Day

Some days all I feel like doing is procrastinating! Those days are perfect for digital designing. Today I focused on fabric designs for my Spoonflower shop. This one is inspired by current events in the USA:
I love how it looks in the Spoonflower mock-up as wallpaper! I can imagine this used in a pediatricians office or preschool.
Then I tried something modern with arrows and coral colors:
 Again I loved the wallpaper mock-ups:
Then I designed this for the Spoonflower Large Birds fabric design challenge. It is inspired by bird footprints in the sand at the beach:
 I love the mock-up of it as napkins:
Then I moved on to designing something for their Quiet Spaces design challenge:

 My favorite mock-up with this fabric was the duvet cover and pillow cases:
 But I also loved the tablecloth:

For me this process isn't about selling fabric it's about the creative experience and designing just for fun!
I have ordered fabric swatch proofs of these designs. Once those are received these designs should be available in my Spoonflower shop. I love waiting for my fabrics to arrive 👏💗👌