Not Quilty

Today's post is not quilty! But I know a lot of quilters will appreciate my new obsession "Veggie Patching", we have a rather boring side yard:
It's kind of "dead space" we dump junk in, to be dealt with another time. But this week I decided I'm over that eyesore! So we are doing what I've wanted to do for the almost 5 years we've owned this house! We are revamping this space to make it useful! So we are making it a vegetable garden! I'm vegetarian so we eat a LOT of vegetables! We have ordered 3 raised beds from Walmart that will be delivered Friday:
And a potting bench from Amazon which hubby assembled Wednesday after work:
And we ordered a garden arch to transition it all a little from the back yard, we'll grow a clematis on it and have solar rope lights on it as well.
This past week I began moving the river rocks!
It has been in the 90s this week, so hot weather for this but I'm enjoying the challenge!
Stay tuned to see how this revamp goes!