2020 A Year of Challenges

 2020 has been a year of challenges for sure! I see and hear people saying they are frustrated and bored with pandemic times. So I thought it was a great time to remind you all about my A Year of Quilty Adventures tab which has hundreds of great links to inspire you creatively! That came about a couple of years ago when I released this book:

The book contains 365 challenges for quilters to expand creatively. Everything from focusing on color use in the first chapter to photography, writing, organization and imagination. Because the simple black and white print book contains just the daily prompt and chapter outlines, I felt a webpage full of inspirational links to support your creative exploration would be a great resource for book users. 

The bonus is it's a great resource of inspirational links for any quilter. 

Pop to the page daily to see what link is available or what topic is covered in the current chapter.
You can buy the paperback book on Amazon or a cheaper PDF printable version in my Etsy shop.
But anyone can enjoy the links list for FREE!
For example today is day 274 of the year, the book is currently addressing writing as a way to expand your creativity, so the task today is to write about:

What is your quilty style?

It is a complex question to answer for sure!
Here is the daily link to help you begin to consider the answer - https://www.apqs.com/quilting-the-quilt-traditional-contemporary-or-modern/
You can write as little or as much as you like. Share it on a blog or social media page or keep it private, the task is simply about exploring the topic!

In one sentence I consider my style to be:
Innovative and unconventional quilty style which varies from modern, striking, foundation paper pieced designs to resourceful, scrappy fabric play.