Hands-on Design

Not every quilter has access to digital design software, but I think all quilters are creative at heart but to differing degrees of comfort with their skills. When it comes to quilt design practice makes perfect. My latest book Elemental Adventures has 110+ FPP block patterns. I've included a pictorial index at the back of the book which also enables you to photocopy and cut out the images to make a set of quilt design cards!  You can use them to design your quilts! 

In this example I started with a blank center block then framed it with two other blocks:

Then I started adding other cards to create another pieced border round:

I tried multiple options before settling on this design for today:

And if you changed the orientation of some of the design elements you can further change the design:
Then I used other cards to design a border row: 
After that I photocopied the design grid from the book and sketched the design:
It turned out great!
If you would like to see what a digital design of the same pattern looks like here it is:
So these little cards are a fabulous, fun versatile tool you can make to help you design great quilts using the Elemental Adventures block designs.
With 110+ block designs in the book the mind boggles at the design possibilities!
The book is available now on Amazon - click on my books tab for a link to my Author page on Amazon.
There are instructions in the book to explain which blocks you'll need to make that cover quilt too and many more example quilts, blocks and layouts!