Clubs and Guilds

These are interesting times aren't they?!

Locally here we have the full spectrum of reactions to this pandemic by quilt clubs and guilds:

- ACQ quickly moved from in person meetings to zoom fairly early in the pandemic and has begun a drive by for pick up and drop off of charity quilts and kits etc

- PPK has pretty much taken a hiatus until recently, now they are beginning to plan small socially distanced gatherings using sign up genius to ensure numbers of attendees stay low and masks are worn

- CRQC moved to in person meetings as soon as they were allowed and included food consumption in many of the planned activities which means masks are removed to eat. 

So I guess at least there is an option here locally to suit every persons needs/wants/expectations.

I personally made the decision to not participate in any club or guild this year because they are non-profit organizations with very little overheads and could survive the pandemic relatively easily, so I felt the money was better spent at local quilt shops and other small businesses that need loyal customers to stay afloat. I also have a medical diagnosis that increases my risk of nasty consequences from Covid so I have no intention of attending any in person gatherings until a vaccine is widely available. 

What's going on in your neck of the woods? 

Feel free to use the contact me tool in my left sidebar to let me know about any terrific & creative ways your local club/guild is adapting to our current circumstances.