Scrap Quilt 3

Today I finished piecing the third scrap quilt I've made from my 3" square scraps:

It's got 9 blocks, each block has 81 scrappy squares, so that's 729 scrappy squares all together in this quilt:
In each of the three quilts I placed the white squares differently to play with various negative space options. This is my least favorite of the three quilts, but it's great to have demolished those scraps! 

This quilt will have scrappy batting too because last week I spent some time organizing batting for 6 quilts that I intend to spray baste soon, which left enough scraps of batting to create a piece of Frankenbatting for this quilt. 

There's still some scrappy 3" print square scraps left that I'll use to make a scrappy tote bag for grocery shopping in the coming weeks but I've certainly used most of them in these three quilts. 

So... In about a month I've used 2,134 scrappy squares to make 3 quilt tops! 
Remember scraps don't disappear, you need to spend time focused on using them up. There's a myriad of simple things you can do with scraps that are quite effective.