Quilted Robe Complete!

This morning I completed my quilted robe!
I added a hood to mine because I have a tendency to get scalp nerve pain if I am outside in cold weather.
I can't wait to get this washed and hung by the back door ready to wear when I take the dogs out to pee in the early morning and late evening.
If you are sewing along with this free sew-along here are a few pics to better illustrate how I finish the sleeves which is the last stage of attaching the lining inside the robe.
fold over & press half an inch of the sleeve lining and the outer shell

align them and pin together

topstitch at the edge to finish the sleeves

Repeat for the other sleeve.

I will get some better photos of this finish some time but I just had to share it straight away!

You can download the FREE robe making tutorial here: