Christmas is Just Around the Corner!

Yesterday I made a cute sleeveless maxi dress using a fabulous organic cotton sateen by Harmony Art Organic Design called Space Cowboy:

We're having an unseasonably warm December so far here in Colorado so it's fabulous to have a nice long dress on sunny days!

This red and green print sateen is truly divine! 

This will be soooo easy to dress up or down for any occasion especially Christmas!
I could wear it with red or green Converse, Birkenstocks or ballet flats and a denim jacket for a casual vibe or dress it up with a simple pair of red stilettos and a nice red shoulder wrap!
I LOVE how this fabric drapes! It is fabulous for blouses and dresses!

You can buy the fabric here:

I ran some errands and did some shopping today in this outfit with the matching mask and so many people commented and said how much they loved them!

 I am so pleased I scraped together enough scraps after making the dress to be able to make a mask, this was all I had left, I joined the two triangles of fabric to make the face shield part of the mask.