Last year I studied yoga teacher training and I completed certification in not only the 200hr yoga teaching course but went on to complete a further 300hr yoga teacher course and a 100hr meditation teacher certification. All of that was fabulous and I'm so pleased I did it but it took time away from my quilt design passion. So this year I'm planning to focus a lot more on making progress towards publishing some of the quilt designs that have been languishing in my digital files. 

Today I focused on eight random blocks I hadn't gotten around to publishing, I put them all into one quilt and then designed a heap of fun random blocks to complete this fun Eye Spy quilt design. This is my second Eye Spy design so now I have two pattern books to draft!

But I love the outcome so far and I don't have any random blocks left, all other unpublished blocks have been included in thematic quilt designs that I've either completed the initial design for or am planning to in the coming weeks. 

There's still a lot of work to do before these patterns are available for purchase but getting the initial design phase done is always a fun milestone. It takes me about 2 years for it to get from this to a published pattern book usually with complex sampler quilts.