UFO Finish January

I have run out of project boxes but instead of buying more I'm focused on finishing more projects than I start. I did really well last year with UFO demolishing and today I got 2022 off to a great start by pulling out this project box full of orphan blocks and scraps from my Elaborate Adventures quilt finish a couple of years ago. 

I set out to make 2 cushion covers, here's number 1:

And number 2:
Then I decided an extra cushion cover would entirely use up the leftover fabric! So here's number 3:

And when I completed number three all I had left was:

That's right just a couple of 2" strip scrapes that I then cut into 2" squares and put away with my 2" grey scrappy squares for a future scrap quilt 
I just love a day of decluttering and scrap usage! 

Now I have to decide what my February UFO project will be...