Fingers Crossed

I'm really hoping that Omicron is the beginning of the end of this pandemic. I'm so pleased the borders are opening in Australia so we can begin to envision being allowed back into the country without quarantining! 

We're planning to move back to Western Australia some time in the next couple of years so it's a relief to see light at the end of the COVID tunnel. 

We're actually starting to plan specifics for our relocation back to Perth (it's a complicated move especially with two dogs that will have to quarantine for 10 days on arrival). 

We have recently created a house plan on grid paper that allows us to plan furniture placements in our Aussie house so that we know what furniture to ship back and what to get rid of. So I thought I'd share my sewing room plans.

That's my sewing room on the right. I'm planning 3 desks, one for my computer and two for sewing machines. Plus my ironing bench and cutting table as well as my turquoise library cart for fabric storage and my vintage sewing machine storage shelf unit. Here's a photo of that room:
The spare room next to my sewing room will also have two billy bookcases for additional fabric storage space. I think this will work really well. 
We won't be Australia bound until at least 2023 but international moves definitely require a lot of planning.