Destash Scrap Demolisher Quilt

I just love scraps! But some very dated prints can be a chore to stand for hours pressing and cutting. After receiving some scraps from friends earlier this week I sorted them and the biggest pile was the busy/multicolored print pile:

I then resorted it to create two piles, one for novelty prints that kids would love and one for the remaining busy/multicolored fabrics:
Then I decided today was the day to start sewing the scrappiest pile with the many dated prints in amongst it. 
Step one: resort the fabrics into two piles:
1. Small pieces
2. Medium sized pieces
I started foundation piecing those smaller pieces onto strips of paper and then trimmed them up:
So what I'm ending up with are brick shaped super scrappy improv pieced blocks that I'll sew together in rows.
Hundreds and hundreds of pieces of fabric!
A very busy array of prints!
By the end of the day today I made heaps of progress! Just one more border to add next week!
Stay tuned to see how this super scrappy destash scrap demolisher quilt turns out ...