Handy Skills

How often are our sewing skills handy? Really often in my experience. I often have a minor 'problem' and think 'I'll whip something up to fix that problem!'.

Yesterday afternoon our dog Henry had a vet appointment because he hurt a paw on the weekend. The vet sent him home with a heavily bandaged foot and said "keep it clean and dry". With a foot of snow on the ground in our back yard I thought putting plastic bags over his paw every time he needed to go out would get irritating. So I made him a little boot using a scrap of vinyl leftover from a recent project:

I did trim off that excess strapping and re-singe the end once he tried it on so there wasn't a flappy bit for him to chew but didn't bother getting another photo after that.
He seems content and is walking around in it quite happily. 

I constantly use 3 handy things in my sewing studio and like to keep them on hand for just such occasions as this:
  1. Poly strapping
  2. Inch wide elastic
  3. Velcro
I buy these things in bulk from Amazon and am constantly amazed how often I use them! And you can guarantee I'll never throw away a scrap of vinyl now!