Back to the castle quilt...

After a brief hiatus from working on the castle quilt, I was back at it this morning whilst hubby is at golf. I have managed to get the piano keys surrounds on and now it is ready, but I have to go shopping for the backing and batting later today when I drop Mr 17 at work. It hasn't turned out quite like i had hoped  some of the colors are a bit too much, so they don't go together well, but it will say what I want it to say, which is "I am thinking of you from half a world away". Mum will know that a lot of time has been spent on each of the castles which celebrate her obsession with castles and her wish that she could win the lottery and build one on her farm in Australia.

The quilt top
The embroidered castle

I did get the piano keys better aligned in the corners than on a previous attempt to use piano keys! They aren't perfect but to the naked eye of a non-quilter they are fine.

TJ and Daphne building a castle
And this is the person this quilt is being made for, Daphne, my loving mum. This photo was taken on the verandah of their farmhouse about 10 years ago when we visited them on holidays. Mum and my 3 sons collected pebbles from the driveway and built a castle with them whilst we were visiting. It was a very special, memorable trip.

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