The Craigslist stash...

Today I bought a fabric stash that was advertisemed on the Craigslist website from a lady who is moving to North Carolina. I paid $50 for all this.

There was a lot of good quilting fabric amongst it as well as a lot of other fabric that was useless to me. So when I got home the first thing I did was sort out the junk pile to take to a charity bin from the quilting fabrics I would use. I managed to cull the amount of fabric by about 75%. But I still ended up with 4 boxes. So we drove off to a charity bin to dump the leftovers. I was tired from all the loading and sorting (whilst hubby played golf) so I let hubby and Mr 17 unload the stuff into the bin, it was so funny to watch them that I was in tears laughing and hubby was just pleased I wasn't keeping it all LOL
Oops a broken bag!

Oops the bag is too big for the mouth of the bin

Hubby relieved the last bag is in!

 Then I began to sort the remaining 4 boxes into whites, colours & darks to wash. A job my Cockapoo Henry enjoyed helping with.

 About now I began to realize just how much fabric I had bought for $50, what a bargain!

 Henry thought it was so exhausting that he needed a lay down whilst we sorted (yes I drafted hubby to help me sort colors).
 So right now the washing machine and dryer are working overtime and then I have to fold sort into colors/styles and decide where to store it all in my apartment.

Then whilst i began my blog update my Maltipoo Ebony discovered the comforts of the pre-washed stash.

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