The Craigslist stash washed and organized at last...

It took me a day and a half to wash all the fabric that I bought off Craigslist and then I had to go to Walmart and buy some storage drawers and stacking baskets to put it all in! But I finally have an organized stash of fabrics :)

I bought these small sterilite drawers to store the pieces that are approximately the size of fat quarters. And I have 9 drawers chock full of fabrics.

These 3 drawers have all the plain colours

These drawers hold the prints


Blues and greens
Tans and browns

Various colors

Small scraps and jelly rolls

I also have a couple of piles of precut squares that are about charm pack size.

There are also quite a few larger pieces of fabric that I will use for backing quilts.

The bottom 3 baskets are plain fabrics and the top 2 baskets are prints.

I also had a ziplock bag of Americana prints set aside for a 4th of July quilt I will start in the next few weeks and I managed to get some other fabrics to add to that. Because no Americana quilt is complete without greenbacks LOL

The ziplock bag I had

The fabrics i have added from the stash

So I certainly have enough fabric to keep me going for a while!

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