Crazy quilt attempt

Yesterday afternoon I finally got around to trying to do crazy quilting with a bag of batik scraps I bought recently at Wooden Spools.
This is how it began; my book says to start in one corner and a turorial I watched online said to start in the middle. I started in the middle, I think starting in the corner would be easier!!

This is how it turned out before embellishment:

It is a 16" square and I am just using the heirloom stitches on my sewing machine for embellishments, some of which gave me trouble dropping stitches, so I will stick to using just a few that work!
I will make another block because I have enough batik scraps left over, but I am not sure I want to make a large quilt using this method now that I have tried it, hand embellishments are time consuming and machine embellishment is problematic with the batting already stitched in place, so maybe just a table runner, I will decide after block two is done.

Later today I am headed into the Denver Capitol Building & Central Library for the quilt exhibition that runs for the next couple of months it should be lovely & inspiring :)

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