Fabric Scraps

When is a piece of fabric a scrap Val asks and how do we organize them:


So I will explain what I have done with my scraps lately. As I am cutting, sewing, trimming etc, I throw scraps into these two buckets:
 Anything small than about 2 inches square or strips narrower than 1 inch wide goes to trash the rest is leftover. After I finish a quilt I try to clean out the offcuts bucket, the scraps go into either my fat quarter drawers - I fold anything larger than 5" square and put it away with the fat quarters and I have one drawer for the scraps.
 In that drawer I keep the strips at the front:

 And a pile of offcuts less than about 5" square but bigger than 2" square at the back of the drawer:

 All the drawers are color coded other than that scrap drawer:

Tans and browns
 I also have a bucket set aside for collecting eye spy fabrics:

This bucket is what I call my Challenge Bucket, in this bucket there are small scraps in color bundles, so when I get a little bit of free time and i feel like a challenge I can try to make a small quilt block from these odd scraps:

 Here are some examples from the Challenge Bucket all of these fabric piles contain less fabric than a fat eight in total:
small black florals


Red medium florals
 My intention very soon is to start trimming my small scraps into tumbler pieces for a scrappy tumbler quilt, and I will just add to it with every quilt's leftovers until I feel like sewing the quilt, I have only gotten as far as buying the template thus far however LOL:

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