Fabric Scraps

When is a piece of fabric a scrap Val asks and how do we organize them:


So I will explain what I have done with my scraps lately. As I am cutting, sewing, trimming etc, I throw scraps into these two buckets:
 Anything small than about 2 inches square or strips narrower than 1 inch wide goes to trash the rest is leftover. After I finish a quilt I try to clean out the offcuts bucket, the scraps go into either my fat quarter drawers - I fold anything larger than 5" square and put it away with the fat quarters and I have one drawer for the scraps.
 In that drawer I keep the strips at the front:

 And a pile of offcuts less than about 5" square but bigger than 2" square at the back of the drawer:

 All the drawers are color coded other than that scrap drawer:

Tans and browns
 I also have a bucket set aside for collecting eye spy fabrics:

This bucket is what I call my Challenge Bucket, in this bucket there are small scraps in color bundles, so when I get a little bit of free time and i feel like a challenge I can try to make a small quilt block from these odd scraps:

 Here are some examples from the Challenge Bucket all of these fabric piles contain less fabric than a fat eight in total:
small black florals


Red medium florals
 My intention very soon is to start trimming my small scraps into tumbler pieces for a scrappy tumbler quilt, and I will just add to it with every quilt's leftovers until I feel like sewing the quilt, I have only gotten as far as buying the template thus far however LOL:


  1. I love the idea of your "challenge" bucket. That's kinda what I use my basket of scraps for...except mine is just "play"...sewing with no pattern! :)I LOVE the scrappy tumbler idea!! Thanks for participating in the Sunday Organizing Link up!!

  2. You are so well organised.

    I love the idea of a bucket full of just I-Spy fabrics.

  3. I love the idea of the Challenge Bucket too! I'm using zip lok bags as the quilts I've made have been from 'lines' of prints, so the scraps are stored together instead of by colour or size... :o)


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