Michele Foster's Quilt-a-long - block 4

This lesson was posted late last week for the quilt-a-long that I am participating in at the moment, but I have been busy so today was the first chance i got to attack it. For the first time i decided to print the instructions rather than work off the computer, and I stuck fabric scraps to the top of the page to label each fabric, this made the instructions much easier to follow:

Half square triangles were step 1.

And lots of them:

 The I needed to make the quarter square triangles for the pinwheel, I managed to get all the points quite good thankfully!

 After dramas with the layout of last week's pinwheel I was relieved to see that this week I had learned my lesson and the quarter square triangles looked like they were supposed to!

At this point I thought about fussy cutting the stripes so they could all point outwards and highlight the block, but I decided not to, and  I am pleased. I feel like the stripes represent the wind blowing outwards from the pinwheel in all four directions.

My pinwheel center point wasn't great but if you aren't looking up close it looks like a nice pinwheel:

 Overall I am very happy with this block, my scrappy colors are working out well.


  1. I love your colors, like a pink watermelon sorbet, or cotton candy.

    1. Thanks Linette I was happy with the way the colors turned out, I don't have a 'quilters's eye' for color or setting yet so it can be a challenge.

  2. It looks great...I guess we can't get every point perfect...nice to know I'm human. =)

    1. Yes getting every point right would be nice!

  3. I think your block looks beautiful and you should be very proud of it!! Thanks for sharing.
    Freemotion by the River Linky Party Tuesday

    1. Thanks Connie I am very pleased with it but that's only 4/16ths of a quilt done LOL, we'll see how the next 12 weeks go LOL


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