Red Hexies

I am starting on a project to challenge myself ~ a hexagon quilt. This was inspired by
Sew We Quilt Hexie Blog Hop
And will become my major project for the blog hop (I think LOL).
I have pulled a pile of reds from my stash:
 For someone who only started practicing sewing hexies last week I may have got carried away with my cutting and before i knew it I had 60 hexagons!
60 hexagons

sorted into rows of 9

I decided that anything goes with fabric selection as long as it has red in it, here are the first batch of fabrics:

The prints are quite varied
So I thought I better sew a row or two to make sure i could actually do this before continuing!

The first 4 rows

My first point wasn't too bad but i hope to improve
 At this point I decided that I can sew a hexie quilt so i pulled out the rest of my red stash and continued cutting...


  1. Looks great. Hexies are fun to stitch. I have yet to finish a hexie project of any size.

    1. Hi Beth thanks for stopping by my blog. I have now stitched all 162 hexagons together and tomorrow I will work on completing the quilt top with a simple red border. I may never sew hexies again though they are very fiddly and time consuming!

  2. Love the reds. What size hexies are you working with?
    I myself have a hexie quilt going, but I recon its going to take years before its completed.. all one inch hexies ;-)
    Thanks for linking up to 'Anything Goes'

    1. I am cutting 4.5" hexagons so they are 4 inches once sewn together. I was thinking yesterday as I was sewing about a 1 inch Queen size hexie quilt I saw at a quilt show last year, it must take ages!!!!

  3. Stopping by from Anything Goes. Your corners look great to me. I also love the reds.

    1. Yeah I got the hang of the corners after sewing a couple of hundred, ha, ha! Thanks for stopping by :)

  4. Hi! I stopped by from Antything Goes and I noticed you love Hexi's too! Are you participating in the Hexies by Halves Quilt Along? I am and just found my large print fabric today...thus am going to post my fabric choices tonight. Let me know if you are doing the quilt along,as it would be nice to recognize a familiar "quilter", teacher and empty nester like myself! with smiles! Val:)

    1. Yes Valerie I am doing the hexies by halves as well, I found the red hexies a bid fiddly so I thought the easier hexies by halves would be more fun. I have chosen a brown palette and the fabrics are from my stash. My largest print isn't as large as hers though, maybe somewhere between large and medium. The red hexies are ready to quilt and bind now I did the spray binding yesterday, so I probably won't get to the next hexies by halves lesson until early next week because I have work Thursday & a quilt show to go to Friday and Saturday. Chat soon, I look forward to seeing your fabric selections.

  5. Hi Marianne, Stop by my blog and check out my fabric choices:
    ALso check out my hexagon label to see my 1 1/2 inch hexagon quilt on the design to start sewing them together!


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