Work In Progress Design & Layout Phase

Yesterday I began this dog themed quilt which I had been thinking about doing for quite some time but I am trying to get it done by August for the Pets on Quilts blog hop at:

I have two dogs Ebony the Maltipoo and Henry the Cockapoo:

Henry on the left & Ebony on the right
So I googled images to get some inspiration for my applique blocks and I adapted this image for Henry:

Redrawn on the wonder under

All cut out and ready to sew onto a patchwork backing
 Then I found a picture similar to Ebony and did the same with it. I then started cutting a few 3" squares to test my imagined ideas for making blocks, borders etc.
The color concept layout, black dogs on bright colors
 I also wanted this picture which I came across whilst googling because it looks just like Ebony, so I began to embroider it last night because the picture wasn't quite right for Applique.

The finished Ebony Embroidery
I needed my discount store magnifying glasses - I am OLD!

I also want to do some patchwork dogs from this wonderful book I found in a Thrift store last year:

So that is my WIP focus at the moment.

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