Catching Up...

After 5 days road tripping through Utah and Wyoming it is time to catch up in the quilting room!
Here is some stuff I bought last week that was all over my cutting table, so i had to sort it out first:

I bought these two scrap bags at a quilt shop in Utah: 
Each pack was $3
I am collecting for an eye spy, so Eeyore is perfect!

A swing will go in the eye spy too!
This was in with the swings

And these were in with the Eeyore, gorgeous huh!
 I also ordered this June Tailor ruler whilst Joann had a sale, I am told it will make the QAL I am doing much easier/more accurate:

I ordered a fat quarter bundle from Craftsy too to restock my FQ stash that was beginning to dwindle with all my summer quilting, 50 FQs for $70:

I can see two quilts jumping out at me already, one in purples and one in greens:

These were some odd bods amongst them but I like them all, they just don't match the others:

 I loved making my dog quilt so much last month that I bought some new books for the next one:

The one on the left is new, but I just had to have it, but the one on the right was used and i got it from Wooden Spools.
I also got some more fat eight bundles at Wooden Spools (a revival quilt fabric store, they sell other peoples left over fabrics and notions etc), so my dwindling stash isn't so dwindling now and should get me through until the next school break:

 This is my current WIP, a herringbone block inspired gift quilt, I am using herringbone borders around a black and white photo 'window' block in the middle:

 I can't show the photo block yet as it would give away who the quilt is for if family stumbled upon this post. These heart patterns are all from Carol Doak's webpage and are lovely in red with the B & W. This is only a lap blanket size:

 These are the top and bottom, rows of the quilt, sorry about the early morning lighting:

The quilt top is finished and spray basted, I am out hiking today with the weekday women's hiking group though so that is a job for tomorrow!

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