Hubby lends a hand...

I am slowly beginning to think of the spare room as my sewing studio, but what I really needed after raising the height of my cutting bench was a stool the right height to sit on whilst cutting etc. I found one for $5 in a thrift store yesterday and hubby Matt cut the legs shorter so it was the right height.

Preparing to cut the legs.

We live in an apartment so Matt took it out to the balcony to trim the legs:

That will make trimming the rest of the fabric for my Tula Pink blocks an easier task!

The spare room is slowly turning into my sewing studio!


  1. LOL!!My poor hubby always has to think of how to ADD height to my stools!!! He finally got me a adjustable craftsman stool for Christmas one year! hahaha!!! (Gotta love these guys who support us so darn well).

  2. Aww! It's so great to see you getting lots of practical support! I love your new organised space - you're going to have so much fun in there! :^)


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