Reorganizing to help me with my WIP

I went shopping yesterday after helping my youngest son a 17yr old move into his freshman dorm room :( Retail therapy didn't really help me emotionally with that bereft feeling of suddenly being a real empty nester but I did get some much needed stuff for the sewing room :)

This is the before organizing pic of the cutting table, what a mess, where am I supposed to actually cut? LOL

Firstly I got bed risers for the cutting table so I am not bending over it!

Now I need a stool if I want to be able to sit and cut the tiny pieces for my WIP!

 And a larger set of baskets for my scraps and trash cuttings, plus a pretty caddy for my scissors etc:

I had a plastic one of these before but it got so full of templates etc, I needed a smaller simpler one just for scissors and stuff
 So now I can see the top of the cutting table to continue on my WIP:

I also got some pretty new ironing board covers that I desperately needed, my old ones are pretty well worn!

 I also got some small fabric boxes/trays for next to my sewing machine as the pile of things I like to have close at hand has grown lately! This area was a mess before, but now it is much improved.

This is my current WIP, Tula Pink City Sampler:

 I am just cutting the pieces and labeling them into bags atm so I can just grab a bag and sew when I feel like it. This quilt pattern lends itself well to using scraps because many of the pieces are quite small to make blocks that are only 6.5" square so mine is a scrappy quilt and my fabrics are coming from here:

And here:


  1. That map fabric looks like a lot of fun.

    1. Yes I haven't done a block for this quilt with the maps yet but it is close to the top of the bucket now :)

  2. I love all the bins with different colors of fabrics. I need to organize my fabrics. Actually I need to organize more than just fabrics. :)

    1. The problem is i have to organize every few weeks because it doesn't stay organized!

  3. Oh your post title gave me a big laugh. My hubs does not understand getting 'organized' just to make another big mess LOL He believes we quilters are nuts. Thanks for the photo of your reminded me I need to get more. Your sewing area all looks great.
    blessings, jill
    hopped over from Rhonda's if you do stuff


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